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30 April 2024

Make your recruitment process as efficient as possible

31 January 2023

Find out everything you need to know about planning for, recruiting, managing and training a successful farming team.

13 June 2022

Setting objectives is a process of discussion and mutual agreement between the employer and the employee. Choose a time to sit down and agree on some together.

5 July 2021

Report reviewing the Leadership and Management Development (LMD) in the UK’s Farming Sectors.

3 May 2024

The Sheep Health and Welfare Group Conference 2020

23 May 2019

Farmers who have now completed our 2017 management training scheme identified combined savings to their businesses in excess of £600,000.

3 May 2024

Through the course of the growing season, the weather is hugely influential in getting crops into the best condition for producing optimal yields. AHDB report through the winter and spring on the condition of crops, pest and disease pressures and weather patterns highlight areas of concern and where crop growth is optimum.