AgriLeader 2030: “Bridging the gap” report. A review of Leadership and Management Development (LMD)


Based on their experiences and observations throughout their career, many people in the agriculture industry have strong, often conflicting, opinions on what Leadership and Management Development (LMD) should consist of.

Section 1 of this report outlines the available academic research from agriculture in the UK and Internationally as well as non-agriculture related studies.

In general (not just agriculture), the research is lacking with many major gaps regarding the benefits of LMD. Despite this, the limited available research does provide evidence of six areas where LMD efforts should be focused on based on the available evidence.

1.     Support for leadership

2.     Detail consciousness

3.     Decision making

4.     Strategic vision/clarity

5.     Growth mindset

6.     Entrepreneurial and profit focused mindset

Section 2 of the report details the findings of the consultation with LMD providers about what is currently available to farmers.

Section 3 explores the internal and external enablers and barriers to farmer engagement with LMD.

Section 4 delves further into considering the changing and future needs of farmers and how this should influence LMD provision.

Section 5 looks at the previous sections highlighting and prioritising how LMD should change and improve to better meet farmers’ needs.

Section 6 provides detailed guidance on the implementation of future LMD programs.

The report concludes in section 7 with a summary of 15 recommendations.

Beef & Lamb,Cereals & Oilseeds,Dairy,Horticulture,Pork,Potatoes
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01 January 2021 - 31 May 2021
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Izak Van Heerden


AHDB AgriLeader Bridging the Gap PDF Final 05.07.21

About this project

  • Outlines the need for developing the Leadership and Management ability of AHDB levy payers.
  • Provides specific guidance on the management and leadership capabilities to focus on in the future.
  • Looks at current Leadership and Management training in the land-based sector outside of formal learning channels (e.g., universities).
  • Future needs: Explores what Leadership and Management capabilities and skills will be needed post-Brexit and towards 2030. Establish what successfully meeting these needs will look like.
  • Recommends the best way to increase uptake of and engagement with Leadership and Management training and describe the delivery methods that will overcome participation barriers.
  • Gives guidance on the role, tools, materials, methods and further research AHDB should undertake to meet its objectives for Leadership and Management Development.