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25 January 2024

AHDB released updated estimates of UK cereal supply and demand this morning, including the first estimates of 2023/24 exports and end of season stocks for wheat and barley.

14 December 2023

This morning, Defra released the final estimates for 2023 UK cereal and oilseed production. This is the first full UK release from Defra.

30 November 2023

The rise in UK feed wheat futures for harvest 2024 relative to world markets over recent weeks, has benefited old crop (May-24) prices too.

3 October 2023

Speculative traders hold large net-short positions in Chicago wheat and maize futures, which can be seen as anticipating a bearish outlook for wheat and maize prices.

21 September 2023

Earlier today, the final balance sheets for the 2022/23 season were published. After the full season official statistics were taken into account, residuals have been identified for wheat and maize, while a deficit for barley has been identified.

4 August 2023

While harvest 2023 is underway, it has been hindered in most regions by wet weather, with progress falling behind the previous five-year average.

19 July 2023

With harvest 2023 started for many, knowing your cost of production per tonne by crop type, is a great opportunity to manage risk and form/manage a marketing strategy for your 2023 crops.

22 June 2023

Chicago soyabean futures (Nov-23) have seen consecutive daily gains since close on Friday 9 June. The contract has gained a total of 14% ($61.72/t) over this period, to yesterday’s close at $505.91/t. This is the highest point since 6 March. Last week especially, we saw the support from soyabean markets lead to rapeseed market gains too.

9 June 2023

Worries about dry weather in the US Midwest, the US main maize and soyabean production area, helped prices to rise in the past week. But, for the impact on prices to be sustained, we need to see the worries continue.

1 June 2023

We’ve talked a lot recently about pressure in rapeseed markets, with a bearish outlook for the future.

30 May 2023

Earlier today, AHDB published the latest UK supply and demand estimates for wheat, barley, maize and oats for the 2022/23 season.

23 March 2023

The question at the forefront of most peoples minds at the moment is how low could wheat go? May-23 UK feed wheat futures fell for the sixth consecutive session yesterday to close at £194.00/t, down £5.75/t from Tuesday’s close. New crop futures (Nov-23) also closed down £3.55/t yesterday, settling at £209.00/t.