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30 June 2022

Animal feed makes up over 50% of total demand for cereals in the UK. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the developments across the different sectors.

30 June 2022

AHDB’s quarterly update to its baseline forecast for GB milk production shows 2022/23 milk production is expected to be down 1.0% from last year at 12.23bn litres.

26 May 2022

This morning, AHDB released its latest UK cereal supply and demand estimates for 2021/22.

31 May 2022

We are fast approaching harvest 22 and looking now to harvest 23 for cropping decisions, but the cost and margin picture looks very different to this time last year. UK feed wheat new crop futures (Nov-22) closed yesterday at £340.10/t. This is almost double the price from this time last year, where new crop futures (Nov-21) closed at £178.75/t (18 May 2021).

23 May 2022

Quarterly summary of dairy market developments

12 May 2022

With animal feed demand making up over 50% of total domestic consumption of UK cereals, it is important to monitor what is happening in the different sectors. The poultry sector makes up the largest share of animal feed demand within the UK.

13 May 2022

The full economic cost of production for 2022 Q1 has risen to an estimated average of 207p/kg deadweight

5 May 2022

We are facing a high price but high-cost climate currently, which we discussed in our recent Spring Grain Market Outlook.

29 April 2022

Thank you all those who attended the webinar on Tuesday. Most questions were answered on the day, please see the webinar for these. The questions we were not able to get to are answered below.

9 June 2022

What you need to know about the SFI.

27 April 2022

Milk pricing cycle in GB adapts to high cost environment

21 April 2022

With record high input costs, how have markets reacted when pricing in for “new” new crop?