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11 September 2020

From the end of March, through the beginning of the ‘new crop’ season back in July and for the near future, prices for chipping material have fallen to lower levels than in previous season openings. We examine the supply and demand side for chipping markets.

11 September 2020

Lower yields mean that costs per tonne will be higher for spring barley, winter wheat and oilseed rape (OSR) despite some lower input costs in the last 12 months.

11 September 2020

Earlier today, Germany announced its first confirmed case of African Swine Fever, found in a wild boar near the Polish border.

16 September 2020

Winter milling wheat returns the top crop (of those looked at) on a gross margin basis, with feed wheat dropping one place to third. This would suggest that there is, unsurprisingly, a strong incentive to plant wheat for harvest 2021, and ups the likelihood of an increased area.

8 September 2020

Sales of sexed dairy semen accounted for just over half of dairy semen sales in the year to March 2020, jumping up from a 32% share the previous year.

4 September 2020

Processing potatoes supply is still outweighing the reduced demand on the domestic market.

7 September 2020

Trade during August remained at relatively low levels throughout the month, similarly to July.

3 September 2020

We often talk about the relationship between rapeseed and soyabean prices in Grain Market Daily, because soyabeans represent almost 87% of the world’s export trade in oilseeds. This means soyabean supply, demand and prices impact rapeseed prices.

27 August 2020

It’ll be no surprise to anyone that we are currently experiencing unprecedented circumstances in terms of wheat production in the UK. It is highly anticipated, as I mentioned last week, that the UK wheat crop will be the smallest since 1982, and potentially lower than that.

27 August 2020

We are pleased to launch the new 2020 versions of AMPE and MCVE from this month.

20 August 2020

The second harvest progress report released last Friday provided an insight into potentially putting some figures the production of crops for 2020 harvest.

20 August 2020

Recent adverse weather and precipitation will slow the rapid pace of harvest that we’ve seen in the last few weeks.