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4 March 2021

This morning the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) released the total area of land claimed for under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) in the 2020 cropping year for England.

4 March 2021

Throughout February, free-buy and contract demand remained quiet across the board. Cold and snowy weather at the start of February, combined with the national lockdown, curbed many opportunities to eat out-of-home, therefore dulling demand.

2 March 2021

Get moving, get measuring and lower your COP. Make sure your business is efficient and lean.

2 March 2021

Knowing what grass is capable of is a far-reaching topic discussed the world over but often with common solutions in different countries.

3 March 2021

GB grower held potato stocks as at the end of January sit at 2.11Mt, 39% of total production.

23 February 2021

The last 12 months have really taken their toll on potato markets. The coronavirus pandemic happened at one of the worst points within the potato growing cycle, and there was not much growers could do to reduce their area.

19 February 2021

The latest HMRC trade data covers up to December 2020, the end of the transition period. Seed exports continued to be strong, compared to previous seasons. Fresh exports, in December alone, also saw an uplift.

18 February 2021

As we continue through our alternative crops week, it is important to look at how gross margins shape up both for spring crops for harvest 2021 and all crops for harvest 2022. Values for small area crops, such as soya and linseed, are included in these margins. It is important to note that the size of these markets may preclude higher margins, if there is a large increase in area.

18 February 2021

Throughout January and into early February, we have seen some sharp increases in the value of fertiliser. Repeatedly we have seen terms withdrawn for ammonia nitrate, coming back at much higher levels.

5 February 2021

January has been a quieter month for potato markets. For most in the market, it has been more subdued than historically. Following the EU-exit agreement, exports of fresh potatoes have been able to continue. Although there was some disruption at ports at the start.

2 February 2021

Recently, with COVID-19 related difficulties constraining processing plants, carcase weights have increased, and the role of heavy pigs in the SPP been receiving more attention.

29 January 2021

We have just published our latest outlook for the UK dairy market.