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10 December 2021

The latest research, led by the University of Edinburgh, has shown that beef and sheep farmers are highly motivated to improve neonatal outcomes. However, they often attribute external factors as limiting their ability to make changes to their practice. Alongside the multifactorial nature of neonatal mortality, efforts to improve neonatal survival must be tailored to the farm’s specific circumstances.

11 March 2020

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb and Dr Forbes Brien, Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide, for a webinar looking at the genetic influences on lamb survival.

21 March 2024

Improving animal performance and reducing physical losses are key to ensuring sheep farming is profitable. This manual takes into account various factors, including the sheep farming system, ewe body condition, nutrition, health planning and management with the aim of reducing lamb losses

13 January 2022

Generating estimated breeding values for postnatal lamb survival – phase II