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9 June 2022

What you need to know about the SFI.

27 April 2022

Defra’s difficult balancing act

30 March 2022

Defra have announced a package of support for farmers ahead of the coming growing season which includes further guidance on the Sustainable Farming Incentive.

4 February 2022

Are you eligible to receive funding under the new Landscape Recovery scheme?

6 January 2022

Blog with analyst Jess Corsair looking at the new environmental schemes announced at OFC

18 August 2021

Help for 4,000 farmers and growers in England to plan, prepare and prosper

20 April 2020

CEO Jane King responds to Defra's request for views report

19 February 2020

UK exporters are set to benefit from a multimillion pound boost as Japan today opened its market to imports of UK lamb and beef.

23 July 2019

From 2 April 2018 all farmers in England will need to meet new government rules to protect water quality.

13 September 2018

Yesterday (12 September) Defra released an Agriculture Bill setting out the framework for the future Domestic Agriculture Policy.