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26 November 2020

Clinical cases of mastitis and their cure rates should be identified when monitoring calving period outcomes.

26 November 2020

Good environmental management for calving cows is essential to prevent new udder infections.

26 November 2020

The dry period ends once the cow has calved so you must manage calving and drying off at the same time.

12 January 2021

Monthly weighing heifers has helped Wrexham dairy farmer Richard Evans bring down the average age of calving by nine months leading to a significant cost saving.

11 June 2020

During the first quarter of this year, GB births to dairy dams totalled 378,000 head, according to the latest data from BCMS.

19 February 2020

In Q4 2019, births to dairy dams recorded a decline of 2.2% on the year, as a result of tighter calving windows.

28 November 2019

The GB milking herd has continued to shrink. In October, there was 42K fewer cattle in the milking herd compared to last year. Meanwhile, the number of youngstock has begun to stabilise.

20 November 2019

Over the last couple of years, the British milking herd has been shrinking. However, the latest data suggests that is could stabilise in the future

18 February 2020

During the Q3, the number of calves born to dairy dams increase by 0.4% compared to last year.

29 January 2021

The InCalf guide for GB farmers calving AYR pulls together the accepted knowledge on dairy herd fertility management, drawing on AHDB’s extensive amounts of research and resources, as well as industry experts across Great Britain and beyond.

31 October 2019

Being familiar with the three stages of calving will enable you to provide the optimum conditions for the cow to calf

25 June 2018

Reducing the age of first calving from 26 to 24 months can potentially save dairy farmers £300 per heifer