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5 January 2024

Carbon markets and other private environmental markets and are expected to expand rapidly over the coming decades as businesses are required to meet environmental targets.

15 September 2023

One of the questions I am frequently asked when I talk to farmers about carbon markets is whether they should enter a carbon credit scheme. It is a question that I find challenging to answer for several reasons.

17 August 2023

Insetting and offsetting are common phrases associated with carbon markets, but what do they mean, and why is it important you know the difference?

30 June 2023

The green finance strategy will boost green finance to help meet environmental objectives, but what does this mean for farmers?

27 July 2023

Reasons why farmers should be interested in carbon markets

1 June 2023

Carbon markets are becoming an increasingly important part of the economy.

31 January 2023

My thinking about the direction of travel of carbon markets and the importance of natural capital