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7 July 2021

The reliability of genomic evaluations is an important consideration when using them to inform your breeding programme.

7 July 2021

Genomic evaluation highlights young bulls with higher-reliability proofs compared with traditional genetic indexes. Find out more about genomics, the testing process and costs.

18 March 2021

Learn about genomic testing maiden heifers and application on farm

7 April 2020

The five-yearly genetics base change, genomic upgrade and new digital dermatitis index

7 April 2020

New rankings for young genomic holstein sires

2 April 2019

A brand new number one genomic sire and two UK-bred half-brothers in the top 10 are the highlights of our new £PLI ranking

27 July 2021

Genomics uses a young animal’s DNA to estimate their genetic potential and gives dairy farmers confidence to make informed breeding decisions with their youngstock.