New blood in genomic ranking includes UK-bred sires

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

A brand new number one genomic sire and two UK-bred half-brothers in the top 10 are amongst the highlights of our new Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI) ranking.

Leading the way is Denovo 14566 Crosby, one of the highest production sires of the Holstein breed, and predicted to transmit 1,027kg milk and combined fat and protein of a massive 74.7kg. He impressively combines this in his genomic index with superb udder health traits (-30 Somatic Cell Count, -3 Mastitis), good daughter Fertility Index (+8.4) and high Lameness Advantage (+2.8). This underlies his high daughter lifespan of +0.7 and his PLI of £863. A son of DG Charley, he is out of a Rubicon dam.

Crosby replaces the former number one sire (Pine-Tree CW Legacy), who has been taken off the list due to unavailability in the UK.

Remaining in second place is Denovo 7921 Atrium (PLI £861), also from the Denovo breeding programme. Atrium is a high fat percentage bull (+0.21%) with very favourable daughter Maintenance (-12), indicating lower maintenance feed costs for his progeny. This ABS Achiever son also scores well for daughter fertility (+12.5) and lifespan (+0.6).

In third place is the second new entry since the December release, De-Su 14673 Appeal (PLI £856), another son of Achiever with a very similar breeding pattern to his paternal half-brother.

Climbing into the top 10 with a PLI of £846 is fourth placed VH Bosman Bahrain. This Danish-born sire transmits high protein (33.1kg, +0.11%), has excellent maintenance figures (-16) and favourable direct calving ease (+1.5).

In fifth place is Bomaz AltaCabot (PLI £842) who moves into the top 10 with high fat transmission, a very favourable Lameness Advantage (+2.8) and good udder health figures.

Another high kg fat transmitter makes his debut in sixth position – Denovo 8084 Entity (PLI £837). Entity also transmits good daughter fertility (+11.2) and has a good calf survival score at +2.9.

Maintaining his top 10 placing is seventh ranking Wilra ABS Amplify (PLI £836). In equal eighth place is Peak AltaLeap, an outstanding udder health bull (-31 SCC, -4 Mastitis), as well as an excellent transmitter of daughter longevity (+0.8 Lifespan).

In an unusual development, two UK-bred maternal half-brothers run neck and neck just six £PLI points apart, to round off the top 10. Bred by the Boghill Glamour syndicate from the north of County Antrim, Northern Ireland, leading the duo is Boghill Glamour Persuade (PLI £833) by Westcoast Perseus, ahead of Glamour Boghill Victor by Pine-tree Verona. Their dam is a Cogent Supershot daughter from the well-known Larcrest Cosmopolitan family.

Outside the top 10

Other new entrants in the top 20 since the December release are two Frazzled sons, Melarry Frazzled FYI, and De-Su Frazzled Rome 14192. Both are good milk solids transmitters with high udder health scores. The final new entry and the highest yield transmitter in the top 20 is Progenesis Monet, with a remarkable 1,210kg milk. His PLI is £799.

“It’s worth remembering that these high £PLI bulls are predicted to transmit the highest profits through their daughters over their lifetimes,” says Marco Winters, head of animal genetics with AHDB Dairy. “These profits have been calculated to come, not just through higher production but through a range of better health traits, from improved mastitis resistance and lameness to better fertility and longer lifespans.

“It’s no surprise to see a recent analysis has also shown £PLI to be the most important predictor we have of actual Daily Lifetime Yields (DLY),” he continues. “This measure is one of AHDB’s key performance indicators (KPIs) for year-round calving herds and one of the best indicators there is of a cow’s actual profitability. Representing the total milk solids the cow produces divided by the number of days she’s alive, DLY (like £PLI) is a good reflection of health, vigour and fertility as well as production itself.”

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