24 February 2022

Difficult calvings have a huge impact on the performance of a suckler herd and have a detrimental effect on calf performance and cow fertility.

23 February 2022

Utilising data effectively with EID and data technology

10 March 2022

When vaccines are administered correctly, they are a great way of preventing disease whilst also reducing antibiotic use.

4 February 2022

Managing nutrition to ensure optimum calf health and growth

29 November 2021

Kim Matthews on how AHDB beef feed research can help cut both costs and GHGs

6 December 2021

Lessons from Ireland in learning to identify superior cows to breed female replacements from for future herd success.

5 November 2021

Each point of dairy genetic index £PLI is worth £1.58 in additional margin per cow

4 January 2022

Strategic dairy farm host, Andrew Gilman, is improving his herd's fertility by using different data metrics to pinpoint the area where changes could have the most impact.

11 November 2021

How to choose the right KPIs for your sheep enterprise

20 October 2021

Suckler profit drivers and cost savers: Where to focus? (webinar)

20 October 2021

The evolution of sheep breeds revealed in the latest Sheep Breed Survey results webinar

20 October 2021

Buying a ram for maternal traits webinar