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8 July 2020

Guidance on reducing the risk of mycotoxin exposure to pigs

1 July 2020

Find out how to manage the most important diseases of wheat and barley

14 March 2019

Ergot mycotoxins can move before and after harvest.

1 July 2020

See the signs of defects and impurities in stored cereal (wheat and barley). This poster shows examples of physical damage, disease, pests, screenings and weed seeds.

23 October 2020

This definitive guide to cereal diseases in the UK contains full colour photgraphs for identification plus information on hosts, symptoms and life cycles.

3 April 2020

Read about the various control measures to reduce the risk from ergot in cereal crops. There is currently no EU legislation for maximum levels of ergot alkaloids but discussions in EFSA may result in future legislative limits.