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24 March 2020

Canadian consumers are ethnically diverse which has a profound influence on the foods purchased and eaten. We discover what the opportunities are for British meat, dairy and potatoes.

8 June 2020

Vietnamese consumers have growing incomes and there is an increasing appetite for high-value imported foods. Food safety and health and wellness are priorities when choosing food.

5 March 2020

EU-28 exports of butter products increased by 35% year on year in 2019, with UK exports up 11%.

20 February 2020

The Global Dairy Trade price index was down 2.9% following the 18 February event.

19 March 2020

Economic activity in China was much reduced for the New Year holiday, and then beyond as the government tried to limit the spread of coronavirus.

6 February 2020

With Easter approaching and tight global lamb supply many people have asked, how much New Zealand lamb could be on the shelves this Easter?

21 January 2020

China has announced reductions to a range of import tariffs for 2020, including for whey and most cheeses.

15 January 2020

Should the UK not agree a free trade agreement with the EU post-Brexit, there would be tariffs in place. What might this mean for European importers?

15 January 2020

For the past two years, UK imports of lamb from New Zealand have tracked below historic normal levels while at the same time the global supply and demand balance has tightened, and global prices have continued to trend significantly above the five year average as we enter 2019.

16 January 2020

Global beef and veal production* is expected to reach 61.86 million tonnes CWE in 2020.

3 August 2020

China has upped its protein imports since an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) last year, but what effect has this had on farmgate prices around the world?

9 January 2020

Australia is currently facing extensive and severe bush fires, including in several key dairying regions.