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12 June 2020

Join Dr James Breen and Willie Baillie as they review the last nine months of activities undertaken to reduce Mastitis on the farm

10 June 2020

Strategic dairy farm: Expert team builder Paul Harris of Real Success shares the practical ways you can lead and manage your team to greater performance

14 May 2020

David Merrett from Oldbury Farm, Gloucestershire, discusses why he decided to start cut and carry and the impacts this has had on his farm.

30 April 2020

The loss of foodservice markets has upset the supply-demand balance, and stretched the industry’s processing capacity at the same time as the seasonal peak in milk production.

17 June 2020

How to body condition score cows

21 April 2020

Optimising nutrition in dairy cow diets.

17 April 2020

Since attending a series of AHDB Dairy Calf to Calving (C2C) events, Dorset farmers Andrew Wallis and Tony White have implemented changes that have helped boost heifer growth rates and reduce age at first calving.

17 April 2020

Preventing Digital Dermatitis (DD) infection pre-calving and minimising body condition score loss post-calving are a must to ensure optimum foot health in an animal’s first lactation and beyond.

17 April 2020

Dairy farmers can now access an updated, online version of AHDB Dairy’s Heifer Rearing Cost Calculator to work out how much it is costing to rear heifers on their specific farm.

17 April 2020

Using MAM for success in heifer rearing

17 April 2020

Is all-year-round calving really the best option?

17 April 2020

Weighing heifers vital as grass quality takes toll