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22 February 2024

2023 dairy trade review: improved balance of trade

16 February 2024

Valentine’s dinner classics including beef steaks, cheese and desserts are predicted to perform well this year

31 January 2024

This year saw a record-breaking Christmas week for sales with £4.8bn spent on total grocery, and good cows' dairy performance with overall volumes up year-on-year.

2 February 2024

GB milk deliveries totalled 1,021 million litres in December, a slight decline of 0.4% (3.5 million litres) compared to last year.

2 February 2024

UK dairy product availability Q3 2023: Powder supplies shrink as huge boost to exports in Africa and the Middle East

9 February 2024

In October the GB milking herd stood at 1.66million head, a slight (0.1%) increase on the same month of the previous year

16 February 2024

The latest monthly roundup of market insight for the dairy sector

19 February 2024

GB milk deliveries totalled 977 million litres in November, down nearly 29 million litres (2.8%) compared to last year.

19 February 2024

In the third quarter of this year (July – September) calf registrations to dairy dams totalled 445,181 head, according to the latest BCMS data.

2 January 2024

Average sunshine hours hit a four-year low in July, which had significant impacts on consumer eating habits, particularly BBQs.

30 January 2024

In our latest survey of major milk buyers, it is estimated that there were 7,500 dairy producers in GB as of October 2023.

15 November 2023

Neilson data will support our analysis of retail data and shopper behaviour, helping us share the latest news and current retail trends impacting the dairy industry.