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23 June 2021

Assessing and reducing pasture risk is a key element of a successful worm management plan.

23 June 2021

Guide to the key elements of a successful worm control plan.

23 June 2021

A quick guide to effective worm control in cattle.

5 May 2020

First generation farmers Rob and Anna Hawke joined the AHDB Beef & Lamb-funded project, Challenge Sheep, when it began in 2017.

5 May 2020

Strategic Farmer, Adrian Coombe, farms with his wife Lyn, and father Peter, at Dupath Farm in Callington, Cornwall.

27 April 2020

Webinar: Sustainable worm control for youngstock

17 January 2022

Supporting Computed Tomography scanning of ram lambs and faecal egg count sampling for EBVs

25 October 2018

Internal parasites pose a significant threat to animal health and performance, however chemical treatments can lead to resistance developing in worm populations. The guidelines in this manual enable producers to maintain good worm control, while preserving the activity of wormers for future use