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7 November 2023

How to provide feedback as part of the Healthy Feet Programme

10 November 2021

Investing in concrete grooving helped Grant Hartman save £24,000 by reducing cow casualties due to slipping at his Carmarthenshire dairy farm.

25 January 2021

Healthy Feet Lite helps you to reduce the number of lame cows on your farm by identifying and applying the right management techniques.

9 November 2020

Vets Owen Atkinson (OA) and Nick Bell (NB) answer all the questions from the Healthy Feet Lite webinar on 9 June 2020.

15 December 2023

Regularly scoring your cows for mobility is the first step towards reducing lameness in your herd.

15 December 2023

Find out how to mobility score your dairy cows

28 November 2023

A structured approach to help dairy farmers diagnose, develop an action plan and learn the skills for long-term lameness control.

27 February 2020

The vitamins and minerals for healthy hoof horn growth and development.

10 December 2019

Top tips for mobility mentors about incorporating the Healthy Feet Programme into their work

8 May 2019

Building an effective footbath is an essential part of dairy farm design. Work through the footbath fitness test to see if you can improve your footbath design and use.

23 January 2019

Practical advice about reducing herd lameness from Owen Atkinson of Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd

3 November 2021

A guide to recognising the common causes of lesions in dairy cows and the factors that reduce their occurrence.