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12 July 2019

Video: Journey across 50 years and discover the key plant breeding milestones for cereals and oilseed rape

11 April 2019

Review and develop your herds breeding plan.

7 March 2019

Lloyd Holterman from Rosy Lane Holsteins, Winsconsin, will share his philosophy on breeding better cows.

28 February 2019

Official Calving Ease Indexes are published for Holstein and Friesian sires to help dairy farmers make more informed breeding choices.

12 February 2019

Lloyd & Daphne Holterman of Rosy Lane Holsteins share the essentials for a successful dairy business

25 January 2019

You could be missing out on EBVs linked to carcase traits that you get paid for

5 November 2018

The R&D Review is a summary of some of the work the Beef & Lamb sector is carrying out on behalf of levy payers to help their businesses become more efficient and sustainable.

13 August 2018

It is important to keep the cost of producing piglets to a minimum to enable you to maximise profitability at sale. Knowing how your breeding herd performs helps you to identify where and how to concentrate your time, effort and investment to improve performance and reduce the cost of production.

13 August 2018

Strawing up farrowing arcs correctly can help combat piglet mortality in outdoor systems by reducing heat loss

18 January 2019

The AHDB and HCC-funded Beef Carcase Traits project uses data derived from the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), abattoirs and breed societies to produce EBVs for traits of economic importance to commercial beef producers.

20 June 2018

Learn how Farm Excellence is benefiting David Goodier's 230-sow pig farm

23 May 2018

Replacement heifers contribute to the new genetic make-up, cost structure and productivity of the suckler herd. This manual provides advice on sourcing, selecting and managing replacement heifers so they can become productive members of the breeding herd