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15 May 2019

Internationally renowned Dr. James Reynolds to speak about the latest welfare science for calves and youngstock

12 November 2018

Cow comfort is top priority at Carpenters Farm near Chippenham in Wiltshire, which has been recruited as our latest strategic dairy farm

4 July 2019

Benchmark your performance and identify areas for improvement

1 March 2019

The £PLI is a within-breed genetic ranking index designed for UK autumn block and all year round calving herds. FInd out what £PLI is, how it is calculated, when to use it and the weighting between a range of production and health traits.

9 August 2018

A paper setting out the context and brackground to Optimal Dairy Systems looking at the merits of all year round and block calving systems, the impact on the supply chain and key performance indicators.