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20 June 2024

Dairy June forecast update: GB milk production for 2024/25 to slow due to challenging early season weather

12 June 2024

Organic production continues to decline, but the latest retail sales figures may provide some positivity

12 June 2024

GB milk volume in May show a subdued and delayed spring flush with prolonged wet weather delaying grass growth.

6 June 2024

In May the EU spec SPP averaged 211.19p/kg, an increase of 0.29p from April.

5 June 2024

Raw milk availability for processing has declined marginally since 2015. We discuss trends in utilising milk during this time and how the market is developing.

23 May 2024

Q1 dairy trade review: exports mostly flat and imports on the uptick

8 May 2024

EU short term outlook: Subdued global demand will weigh on dairy exports growth

8 May 2024

GB milk deliveries in April are estimated to have totalled 1,073 million litres, 2.2% below the same month in 2023. Average daily deliveries are estimated at 35.76 million litres.

24 April 2024

Irish milk production has recorded significant year on year declines for the past few months. We discuss some of the drivers behind these declines and what it means for the global dairy market.

18 April 2024

Given developments in lamb pricing and using recently released data, we have updated our domestic supply side predictions for the 2024 outlook.

17 April 2024

The first three months of 2024 have offered some stability for the UK pork industry.

10 April 2024

EU dairy product availability: supplies tightened in Q4