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16 March 2020

UK pig meat production in February increased by 4%, supported by higher slaughter and heavier carcase weights.

16 March 2020

Overall, production was down 2,000 tonnes, at 19,900 tonnes in February. 835,600 lambs came forwards which is fewer than the same month last year.

21 April 2020

To better track milk solids production in the UK, we are adding a milk solids measure to our milk production webpage.

10 March 2020

After six weeks of stagnation, milk production is now on the increase

6 March 2020

English pig numbers as at 1 December totalled 3.78 million head, 3% more than the previous year.

27 February 2020

As at 1 December, the total cattle population in England totalled 5.15 million head.

5 March 2020

We look at how different rates of growth in milk production and processing has changed regional balances of milk

13 February 2020

In January, UK beef and veal production reached 78.8k tonnes. Higher avg. carcase weights compensated for the decline in prime slaughter.

22 January 2020

UK butterfat levels in October and November were considerably above what we normally see at that time of year, likely a reflection of this season's silage quality.

17 January 2020

Beef production in 2019 rises 2%, led by higher carcase weights

16 January 2020

Throughout GB average milk yields continued to track above the previous year, even though producers have moved back to a forage based system.

16 January 2020

2019 has been a very challenging year for the beef sector. Here we look back on some of the key events in the beef industry over the last 12 months, and those that will remain relevant in 2020.