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7 March 2024

The pig population is forecasted to contract in 2024, following a decline in the sow herd which will likely impact production.

27 February 2024

A round up of key headlines for lamb.

14 February 2024

GB milk production: January production slightly down

6 February 2024

Global milk supplies forecast: modest growth expected in 2024

25 January 2024

A round up of the lamb markets for November 2023.

25 January 2024

Australian sheep production is dependant on El Nino in Q1 2024, prices have started the year around the same as 2023, following a period of lower prices last year.

23 January 2024

December monthly production is the lowest for 5 years for both beef and sheep, with wet weather a challenge for farmers finishing animals.

19 January 2024

The most recent beef and lamb trade data has been released by HMRC for November 2023, we explore the detail.

26 March 2024

According to the latest Defra figures, the UK produced 71,900 t of pig meat in December.

2 February 2024

EU dairy product availability: downtrend continues in Q3

2 February 2024

GB milk deliveries totalled 1,021 million litres in December, a slight decline of 0.4% (3.5 million litres) compared to last year.

2 February 2024

UK dairy product availability Q3 2023: Powder supplies shrink as huge boost to exports in Africa and the Middle East