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14 December 2021

UK clean pig slaughter in November was 8% higher than in 2020, at 980,800 head.

13 December 2021

GB milk production provisionally totalled 977 million litres in November, 3.1% below November 2020 and the lowest of the last 5 years

17 November 2021

Update on October milk deliveries

16 November 2021

UK clean pig slaughter numbers were similar to both the previous month and year-earlier levels in October, totalling 950,500 head.

14 October 2021

GB milk deliveries totalled 975 million litres in September, down 1.5% on September 2020.

21 September 2021

GB milk production is now expected to reach 12.52bn litres for the 2021/22 milk year, down 0.2% on 2020/21.

21 September 2021

Using our milk forecasting tools, we can predict how many cows will leave the dairy industry over the coming year

11 January 2022

UK beef production fell 2% year-on-year in August to 73,200 tonnes.

14 September 2021

We recently published analysis on calf registrations, by system, but how do calving systems impact milk production through the year?

3 September 2021

From January, milk from an imported dairy cow won't be useable in exports to the EU for 3 months

25 August 2021

In the key calving months of Feb, Mar, Aug and Sep block calving can account for a third of overall calvings

23 August 2021

Average GB daily milk deliveries declined in the week ending 14 August, dropping back 0.6% week-on-week.