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21 September 2021

Using our milk forecasting tools, we can predict how many cows will leave the dairy industry over the coming year

11 January 2022

UK beef production fell 2% year-on-year in August to 73,200 tonnes.

14 September 2021

We recently published analysis on calf registrations, by system, but how do calving systems impact milk production through the year?

3 September 2021

From January, milk from an imported dairy cow won't be useable in exports to the EU for 3 months

25 August 2021

In the key calving months of Feb, Mar, Aug and Sep block calving can account for a third of overall calvings

23 August 2021

Average GB daily milk deliveries declined in the week ending 14 August, dropping back 0.6% week-on-week.

18 August 2021

In 2020, 16.0% of dairy farmers in GB were operating block calving systems

9 August 2021

The latest daily deliveries show the impact as cooler weather and rain swept across the country from 24 July

5 August 2021

Prime cattle prices rose across the board in the latest reporting week, despite an increase in throughputs

3 August 2021

Love Lamb Week (LLW) is celebrating its seventh year with a focus on the sustainability of lamb production in the UK.

21 July 2021

Global milk supplies were up 3.3% in May, providing an extra 26 million litres per day compared with May last year

22 July 2021

Daily GB milk volumes are now running 4.1 million litres per day lower than at peak, the most dramatic fall in at least 10 years.