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17 September 2021

Despite a few challenging years, the EU remains a hugely important market for UK red meat and dairy exports.

23 July 2021

After three years of negotiations, the EU institutions reached an agreement last month on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

13 July 2021

The WTO recently ruled in favour of the EU allowing the bloc to impose up to $3.99 billion of tariffs on US goods from 10 November.

13 July 2021

In the week ending 28 June 2020, the EU average weaner price stood at €50.45/head, around €7.5/head lower than this time last year.

17 June 2020

Download this letter template to help seasonal workers from the EU confirm their employment status with border authorities.

29 November 2019

Trade disruptions dampen global growth, affecting UK consumer confidence

13 July 2021

From 18 October, approximately 75% of cheese and 93% of butter sent to the US from the EU will be subject to tariffs under the new regime.

6 August 2019

A No Deal Brexit will have a substantial impact on beef and sheepmeat trade, whilst the impact of a Brexit Deal is likely to be relatively minor.