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Contents tagged with storage

17 March 2020

The removal of CIPC next season has pushed the burden onto other tools in the box. However, how cost effective these treatments are at current market prices is a question on many people’s mind.

3 March 2020

Get a free storage visit to discuss your strategy post-CIPC

18 March 2020

Learn how to clean your storage of chemical residues

4 February 2020

Businesses warned not to use CIPC at 2020 store loading

3 February 2020

Research has shown MH should be an integral part of a sprout suppression strategy.

27 January 2020

Storage, desiccation and a round-up of our key information

19 December 2019

Soft rot - when to unload, when to attempt recovery

19 December 2019

How did store managers at this year's agronomists conference see the future of store management?

10 January 2020

Cleaning now could be a vital step in preparing for any forthcoming CIPC tMRL in 2021

4 February 2020

Sprout suppression update including timelines on future options, costs and best practice

3 December 2019

Desiccation, herbicides, PCN and storage dormancy results