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19 June 2020

DMN could be used as an alternative to CIPC, the industry is working on its approval status in the UK

18 June 2020

Find out how the trials at Sutton Bridge have been affected by lockdown

11 June 2020

Reducing CIPC levels for future crops could make the difference between having a saleable crop or not.

2 July 2020

When will the potato market be back to 'normal' and what can you do until then?

22 June 2020

Sutton Bridge experts will present alternative sprout suppressants, political updates and a review of the importance of MH

22 June 2020

Industry experts will talk about storage best practice for the post CIPC era and alternative sprout suppressants

12 June 2020

Includes a video with agronomist Graham Tomalin recorded at the herbicides trial site at SPot East in Suffolk

29 May 2020

Learn about the guidelines for reducing CIPC residue in potato stores. Includes a safety update and a review of best practice for non-CIPC sprout control

1 May 2020

Will CIPC get a tMRL? What we know

26 June 2020

Cleaning guidelines for reducing chlorpropham (CIPC) from potato stores and equipment