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4 March 2021

The 2021 trials will cover a wide variety of trials looking at disease management, crop protection and storage. Find out the full details in this article.

22 January 2021

AHDB’s Storage Research team discusses the results from the SPot Farm trials looking at the dormancy of 40 popular varieties.

8 January 2021

Learn more about areas of AHDB’s most important and valuable work: marketing, storage and SPot farms.

17 December 2020

AHDB invests £500,000 every year in storage research. The programme not only focuses on sprout suppression but also quality and store environment, reflecting the need for an integrated approach to store management in the future.

17 December 2020

The key to the effectiveness of mint oil is to keep the active as a fog during application. Learn from this article how you can achieve this.

25 February 2021

SBCSR is undertaking trials to measure the impact of this CO2 build-up on the fry quality of processing varieties.

17 December 2020

This project is assessing levels of CIPC contamination from UK stores, with a range of historical applications of CIPC to support this application.

4 January 2021

Join us and learn more about the market dynamics currently at play and how they will influence the UK’s Potato Industry in a post-Brexit world.

10 December 2020

Approval has been granted for controlled use of DMN on a limited number of varieties, pre nominated by member companies of the Potato Processors Association (PPA).

9 December 2020

We are seeking open, honest and robust dialogue with the industry on our new strategy, so the call for a ballot on the continuation of the potatoes levy is timely

26 January 2021

Investing £500,000 a year in storage research to help find alternatives to CIPC for sprout control and providing direct storage support to levy payers

21 January 2021

Trial results on desiccation, aphid control, MH application, weed management, irrigation, PCN, and cultivation