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9 March 2021

The options for preservation depend mainly on the dry matter (DM) content of the material being harvested, whether the grain and straw are being harvested separately, and the facilities for on-farm processing and storage.

21 January 2021

Trial results on desiccation, aphid control, MH application, weed management, irrigation, PCN, and cultivation

21 June 2024

Ensure the slurry store on your farm is practical, safe and legally compliant.

30 October 2019

Farmers will be able to store grain destined for animal feed, export and non-food users until Friday 15 November 2019

16 February 2024

Feed makes up ~76% of variable and ~56% of total costs. It may be possible to decrease the cost by switching to a cheaper ration or purchasing in larger quantities, but it can also be achieved through simple, practical actions to minimise feed wastage and to improve the efficiency of utilisation

21 July 2023

Safe, effective grain storage is key to assuring crop quality.

24 June 2022

Discover how to capture the quality and condition of your grain.

1 July 2020

See the signs of defects and impurities in stored cereal (wheat and barley). This poster shows examples of physical damage, disease, pests, screenings and weed seeds.

12 December 2023

This poster shows the more common of over 50 insect and mites species that may occur in grain stores. Correct identification is important.