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10 June 2022

Strategic dairy farm host Andrew Gilman, from Statfold Farm, aims to use nutrient managing planning to help him make the most effective use of slurry on his silage ground.

15 June 2021

Tim Downes, alongside vet Nathan Loewenstein and dairy building expert Ian Ohnstad explore how to make the most from your buildings at calving.

6 May 2021

This webinar explores how to make the most from your buildings at calving with strategic dairy farmer Tim Downes from The Farm in Shropshire.

22 June 2021

Grazing quality grass, making better silage and a return to a simpler feeding system has helped push milk from forage to 5,000 litres for 380 Holstein Friesians in Leicestershire.

22 June 2021

Reducing overheads is critical for Dylan Harries and places him in the top 5% for full economic cost of production.

11 February 2021

Arthur Owen is joined by consultant Dave Davies of Sileage Solutions for a detailed looked at maximising grass sileage quality

4 February 2021

How John and Anna Booth achieve a full economic cost of production of 28.2ppl, placing them just outside the top 5% of GB herds.

1 February 2021

Join Mathew Jackson and his close business partners as they explore the benefits of share farming

27 January 2021

Strategic dairy farmer Richard Tucker uses Lean Management to help tackle the time it takes to wash down the parlour

11 January 2021

Strategic dairy farm launch of Myerscough College, an all year round calving farm in Lancashire

14 January 2021

An interactive workshop for block calvers looking at ways to streamline systems, reduce staff needs and free up family time

16 December 2020

Jim Kirk introduces us to Heanton Barton Farm in North Devon, home to an all year round calving herd of 575 Holstein Friesians.