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7 October 2021

Identify symptoms of the key root diseases of cyclamen and gain an appreciation of pathogen biology.

14 May 2021

Use of fungicides and nutrition on crops showed a reduction in pumpkin losses at both sites in our trial.

13 May 2021

According to our trials, a combination of fungal and nutritional sprays can help to reduce pumpkin storage losses.

11 September 2019

Kirsty Wright gives an update on the SCEPTREplus project investigating the efficacy of products to control root rot in lettuce in deep water hydroponic systems

12 May 2021

Many pumpkins are lost each year due to rotting in storage. Find out what causes rot in stored pumpkins and how to counteract it.

8 November 2018

Dr Stuart Wale covers the breadth of factors contributing to the development of storage rot, including looking outside the store and back to seasonal considerations far in advance of harvest

13 November 2019

Dr Glyn Harper, Dr Alison Blackwell and Tom Neat present the problem of potato storage rots and discusses novel options for biological and physical control, the potential for Bacteriophage to control soft rot development, and the use of pulsed UV as a physical surface disinfection system.

7 November 2018

Dry rot is the most important fungal rot of potatoes in Great Britain. The disease affects around 1% of tubers annually. However, its true impact on the industry is often underestimated because the disease enables Erwinia species to colonise and develop into soft rots.