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22 March 2023

Findings from nitrogen and sulphur trials on milling wheat are available in a new research report.

18 March 2022

At what point should you quit chasing extra wheat protein?

17 March 2022

The golden award was picked up by Peter Trickett at the annual AHDB Milling Wheat Conference.

22 June 2023

Predicting grain protein content during late stem extension.

18 March 2019

Alex Wilcox was announced the YEN Wheat Quality Award winner for harvest 2018

1 November 2022

A new report published by AHDB suggests Brexit will have a considerable impact on the UK’s milling industry under a range of trade scenarios but the malting sector is in a far better position to weather the storm.

1 November 2022

Following on from ‘Brexit Scenarios – an impact assessment’, which focused on how Brexit could impact farmers’ profit levels, we now turn to potential implications post-farmgate.

6 September 2018

AHDB commissioned this study to examine the impact of Brexit post-farmgate on the malting and milling industries, following feedback from levy payers on their earlier study ‘Brexit scenarios – an impact assessment’.