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17 March 2022

The golden award was picked up by Peter Trickett at the annual AHDB Milling Wheat Conference.

17 June 2021

The Oilseed Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) competition has generated a dataset based on about 150 oilseed rape (OSR) crops, across three harvest years (2017–19)

21 November 2019

21 November 2019

21 November 2019

21 November 2019

27 January 2023

AHDB supports the ADAS Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) initiative.

28 February 2019

East Anglia farmers urged to work more closely with nature at Agronomy 2019 event

18 March 2019

Alex Wilcox was announced the YEN Wheat Quality Award winner for harvest 2018

14 February 2019

Scottish cereal growers are working with ADAS on adding a new spring barley category to the national yield competition– the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN).

30 January 2019

AHDB / ADAS / Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) Seminar