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13 September 2021

This on-farm event will give sheep farmers the opportunity to hear about some of the changes Ian has implemented on his farm based on outcomes from the Challenge Sheep data.

22 June 2021

Ram breeding provides the genetics to increase the productivity of your customer’s flock. Performance recording means you can select and market the sheep with the most profitable genetics. Recording crossbred rams uses the same process as a pedigree flock, but you should consider hybrid vigour, ram and progeny uniformity and comparison of sheep.

30 September 2021

Terminal sire breeding and new ways to sell stock

13 February 2020

Advice on choosing a ram to breed with your ewe lambs.

19 June 2019

In this video Nerys Wright demonstrates some of the post-tupping management exercises you can do with rams to make sure they are fit and ready for the winter and the following year's breeding season.

21 August 2019

Sheep farmers are encouraged to check their rams 10 weeks prior to tupping to ensure that they are fit for the breeding season. AHDB Beef & Lamb has designed a leaflet that ensures a quality MOT check for your rams based on the five ‘Ts’ (toes, teeth, testicles, tone and treat)

22 August 2018

Updated results from the RamCompare project have seen a re-ranking of some rams based on their carcase weight estimated breeding values (EBV).