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10 July 2024

In June the EU-spec SPP averaged 210.26p/kg, a decline of just under a penny compared to the monthly average for May.

8 May 2024

The SPP has eased 0.62p from the end of March with weekly movements varied in size.

18 March 2024

Finished pig prices have been continuing to track downwards through the first 2 months of 2024

26 March 2024

According to the latest Defra figures, the UK produced 71,900 t of pig meat in December.

26 March 2024

The latest Defra figures show that at 01 June 2023 the UK pig population stood at 4.68 million head, a year on year decline of 10.3%.

7 December 2023

Compared to figures seen 4 weeks ago the EU average price has declined by just over 2p.

31 August 2023

Since peaking at the record high of 215.47p/kg in the penultimate week of July, EU pig reference prices have been in steady decline.

1 June 2022

When stock judging finished pigs, our guide can help you to know what to look for.

24 August 2020

Consider these common faults and inefficiencies so you can keep your ventilation systems in good condition.