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11 August 2020

Growth and food intake are highly dependent on temperature. This information looks at factors that affect pigs' temperature requirements.

22 December 2023

England pig abattoir numbers

14 December 2023

Here you can find GB average ex-farm prices paid for 7kg and 30kg weaners each week. Prices are collected from marketing groups.

5 May 2020

Symptoms, treatment and prevention of the viral liver disease

30 September 2022

Learn more about salmonella in pigs and how to reduce the risk of infection.

22 December 2020

Find out about meat safety and eating quality, from preventing zoonosis, to avoiding boar taint.

18 February 2022

Find out how bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is spread, why you should be concerned about it and what you can do to prevent infection.

8 November 2019

Training: Stockperson Development Scheme, Lincolnshire

22 October 2019

It's important to measure light, make sure any new installations have timers fitted and provide uniform lighting for pigs. This guide covers the principles of light in relation to pig production, both from a behavioural point of view and from optimising production.

22 October 2019

Key factors to consider when choosing lighting for pig units. This includes the requirements at different stages of production, as well as measuring light and selecting systems.

22 October 2019

A review of lights currently available for pig buildings.

1 March 2023

NUTWEAN aimed to develop sustainable management systems for weaner pigs without antimicrobial growth promoters (AGP) while maximising the use of home-grown cereals and oilseeds. Pre- and post-weaning nutrition was modified to exploit the potential of dietary components to enhance gut health and food intake.