Ventilation maintenance in pig buildings

Make sure your ventilation system stays in good condition by considering these common faults and inefficiencies.

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Ventilation systems will only work properly and efficiently if they are kept in good condition.

Consider the following common maintenance errors, faults and inefficiencies:

  • Worn fan bearings
  • Burnt out fans
  • Inlets blocked with rubbish
  • Damaged, dirty/rusty blades
  • Poorly fitting doors
  • Broken windows
  • Damaged/poorly maintained controllers

For more information, see our guide on Ventilating pig buildings.

Investigating air flow

You can check how air is moving in your buildings using a smoke plume.

By placing the smoke source at various points, e.g. inlets, outlets and within pens, you can check that the ventilation system is working correctly and if there are any draughts.

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