17 September 2021

Joint response from AHDB, Dairy UK and NFU about a recent article questioning the credentials of cow’s milk.

13 October 2021

Benefits of integrating sheep on arable rotations

29 September 2021

Iceberg diseases can account for considerable loss in sheep enterprises, so management and prevention is key to increasing ewe longevity

26 August 2021

AHDB's James Holmes on the Environment Agency’s new guidelines

14 September 2021

This on-farm event will give sheep farmers the opportunity to hear about some of the changes Ian has implemented on his farm based on outcomes from the Challenge Sheep data.

11 August 2021

Find out more about the benefits of livestock manures for arable systems.

11 August 2021

Find out the benefits of pig production and how outdoor pigs can fit into the arable rotation.

11 August 2021

There are many ways grass can be used within the arable rotation. Read about the types of grass ley and the benefits for black-grass control.

12 August 2021

Case study describing the return on investment and further benefits of air scrubber technology.

4 August 2021

In this long-term outlook, our Head of Environment Jon Foot discusses his thoughts on how farming carbon may become key for farming businesses in future.

29 July 2021

Farmers and growers will need to navigate a new and uncertain policy landscape, which may reward some practices and penalise others.

28 July 2021

What’s the difference between carbon trading and carbon offsetting? What do they mean for UK agriculture?