1 November 2019

The most significant single influence on the success of any flock is the shepherd. Whether you intend to keep half a dozen sheep or several hundred, the same principles apply. This guide gives an introduction into sheep farming to improve both animal welfare and productivity.

9 October 2019

Strategic Farm: Using data to make informed business decisions and drive performance

31 October 2019

Overfeeding crude protein is an unnecessary expense, which affects cow fertility and productive efficiency

2 September 2019

Two new recruits have joined the pork technical team

18 December 2019

Gloucester pig club: Hear about the key messages from the Alltech conference held in the USA earlier this year.

17 February 2020

Gloucester pig club: Come along to find out about our tail biting husbandry advisory tool.

19 February 2020

Shropshire pig club: Come along to find out what Defra’s updated Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock means in practice for pig keepers

23 September 2019

Gloucester pig club: Come along to find out about the Muck Free Truck campaign.

7 October 2019

Somerset pig club: Come along to find out how farms might need to change to remain compliant in the future

22 October 2019

Managing calves to promote a healthy immune system

10 October 2019

Getting better results from calf rearing

10 July 2019

This report introduces the use of slurry cooling and associated heat recovery in the reduction of ammonia emissions from stored pig slurry.