13 February 2024

AHDB welcomes the recent Defra report which provides new insight into harmonising approaches to assessing carbon at farm-level.

15 February 2024

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has recently published two reports relevant to livestock emissions

9 February 2024

The Environment Agency is introducing changes to Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) requirements, find out what these could mean for you.

9 February 2024

An overview on the work AHDB is doing to ensure that policy decisions are fully informed about the full contribution our levy payers are making to net zero.

5 March 2024

Find out how to include pigs in arable rotations and implement best practices when planning which fields to occupy and for how long.

20 February 2024

Bigger steps for smaller footprints towards climate-positive beef

12 January 2024

Beef and lamb farmers are invited to join the first module of our Roots to Resilience programme

25 January 2024

Join us as we partner with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society for a discussion will explore innovative approaches to farming that align with agroecology principles and system-based decision making.

23 November 2023

ITN Business and AHDB have announced the launch of a news-style programme Farming a Greener Future

19 December 2023

See what you could get from a carbon audit and what actions could improve your footprint, based on the results from our strategic and monitor farm carbon audits.

5 December 2023

Applying the alternative metric GWP-star to methane emissions at a national scale

17 November 2023

If you are still facing pneumonia outbreaks after cleaning the shed and addressing the environment and nutrition, it's time to look at things from the calf's perspective.