15 February 2022

Rob and Liz Priest from Kingsford Farm, Holsworthy and Scadghill Farm, Bude join AHDB’s Farm Excellence programme as the new Beef & Lamb Monitor Farm in the South West of England.

8 December 2021

AHDB’s Dr Jonathan Foot summarises the new Environment Act and how it will impact levy payers.

29 November 2021

Kim Matthews on how AHDB beef feed research can help cut both costs and GHGs

22 November 2021

Dr Georgina Key explains how new guidance helps farmers adjust their use of costly nitrogen fertilisers and the likely effect this will have on yield

9 November 2021

Dr Jonathan Foot outlines how to join the race to Net Zero

22 November 2021

PigProGrAm aims to reduce the environmental impact of ammonia emissions from livestock

13 October 2021

AHDB and BBRSC announce £0.5m farm sustainability partnership

23 September 2021

Find out how you can manage your environmental impact

25 November 2021

Find out what anaerobic digestion is and how it can help the agricultural sector move towards becoming net zero.

15 November 2021

Find out what green fuels are and how you can generate them on your farm.

17 September 2021

Joint response from AHDB, Dairy UK and NFU about a recent article questioning the credentials of cow’s milk.

13 October 2021

Benefits of integrating sheep on arable rotations