17 November 2023

If you are still facing pneumonia outbreaks after cleaning the shed and addressing the environment and nutrition, it's time to look at things from the calf's perspective.

5 December 2023

National statistics are often used to show agriculture’s contribution to climate change. Here we give an overview of what they are, and some of the limitations to their use.

19 September 2023

A new study demonstrates the importance of GWP* for more accurately assessing the climate impact of methane originating from livestock.

5 December 2023

Explaining GWP-star, an alternative measure for calculating the impact of methane on the climate.

21 November 2023

Join us for an on-farm visit to discuss everything you need to know about winter bale grazing.

25 October 2023

Join us for the launch of our new strategic dairy farm that will be providing a focus on environmental issues.

21 August 2023

Find out how ammonia-harvesting technology is being used to reduce the environmental impact of ammonia emissions from livestock

6 September 2023

Find out what you need to know about covering slurry stores and benefit from the experience of dairy farmers already doing it

19 July 2023

AHDB is partnering with ITN Business to showcase the positive impact livestock has on the environment and our food system

21 November 2023

As custodians of the land, farmers have the potential to store carbon in their vegetation and soils.

27 June 2023

Find out how both pigs and the environment can benefit from sowing grass cover mixes

13 March 2024

Advice on how best to help your sheep survive the cold weather.