Ventilating pig buildings

Ventilation is a key factor in determining the performance and welfare of livestock. Use this information to understand different system types and the importance of good maintenance.

A well-managed, functioning, efficient ventilation system effectively draws fresh air into a building and removes stale air.

Ventilation is a key factor in determining the performance and welfare of livestock. While the welfare aspects of livestock production are described in the Code of practice for the welfare of pigs, the productivity implications are sometimes less well described.

The two main purposes of providing ventiliation are: 

  • To maintain an effective temperature for the pigs 
  • To provide fresh and clean air for pigs and stockpeople

The link between temperature and performance is discussed in more detail on our temperature and heating pages.

Fan ventilation - air extraction

There are a number of different fan extraction methods to choose from for pig building ventilation. This information looks at ridge and side extraction systems, crossflow and high-speed jet systems.

Fan ventilation – air extraction

Fan ventilation - air pressurisation

A reliable option for ventilation, as the entry of air can be controlled precisely. Use this information to learn more about ridge pressurisation with wall outlets, pressurised ceilings, baffled fans with air mixing facilities, recirculation systems and down jet systems.

Fan ventilation – air pressurisation

Natural ventilation

A low-cost, popular way of providing cooling and fresh air for everyday operations. Use this information to understand how natural ventilation works and how it fares when compared with fan systems. We also cover the problems, the solutions and automatically controlled natural ventilation (ACNV).

Natural ventilation

Ventilation maintenance

Ventilation systems will only work properly and efficiently if they are kept in good condition. Use this information to consider the most common maintenance errors, faults and inefficiencies.

Ventilation maintenance

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