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2 April 2020

Guidance on providing the correct quality and quantity of water to pigs

1 April 2020

It is vital to monitor water use in pig production for improved efficiency and cost control

1 April 2020

This section provides guidance on water system setup and maintenance, the importance and methods of maintaining water quality and how to avoid waste. It also explores water supply management.

30 January 2020

This factsheet takes you through the steps required to deep clean a farm drinking system.

1 November 2019

The most significant single influence on the success of any flock is the shepherd. Whether you intend to keep half a dozen sheep or several hundred, the same principles apply. This guide gives an introduction into sheep farming to improve both animal welfare and productivity.

14 November 2019

Lighting in pig buildings

22 October 2019

It's important to measure light, make sure any new installations have timers fitted and provide uniform lighting for pigs. This guide covers the principles of light in relation to pig production, both from a behavioural point of view and from optimising production.

22 October 2019

Key factors to consider when choosing lighting for pig units. This includes the requirements at different stages of production, as well as measuring light and selecting systems.

22 October 2019

A review of lights currently available for pig buildings.

6 January 2020

Improving existing buildings or designing new builds to the best standards has a lasting and positive impact on animal health and productivity. This manual covers a wide range of aspects to improve buildings for your cattle.

7 January 2020

Training: Stockperson Development Scheme, East

5 February 2020

Training: Stockperson Development Scheme, South