29 April 2019

This manual looks at how housing can contribute to a calf's future health, growth and performance.

25 March 2019

Poor water quality can negatively affect pig health. To dislodge biofilm and disinfect water systems, a shock treatment with a high concentration of a suitable chemical is recommended.

18 March 2019

In the first four years of the Real Welfare Scheme, over 8 million pigs were individually assessed by specially trained vets to provide a credible, benchmarked level of welfare at both an industry and an individual farm level. This report summarises the findings from the first four years.

15 February 2019

Our new animation explains how to clean your pigs’ water system and what you need to think about when choosing organic acids

19 February 2019

Find out about the link between mineral levels, water system efficiency, and pig growth and health.

6 March 2019

Autumn block calving herds are shown to have potential cost savings of between 1 and 4ppl over all-year-round herds.

8 February 2019

A practical session in the calf shed looking at the key features of calf rearing

17 January 2019

New nitrogen and phosphorus calculators to help businesses demonstrate compliance with new permitting rules.

19 November 2018

This farm case study demonstrates the importance of sampling water on farm and the benefits that can be observed by carrying out a deep clean through shock dosing.

12 November 2018

Guidance about the measures farmers can take to reduce ammonia emissions including feeding, buildings, slurry storage and spreading, and fertilsers.

7 November 2018

This guide aims to give practical advice to pig farmers surrounding the complex issue of providing suitable environmental enrichment to pigs. The information is set out in sections by housing type, and in each, the types of enrichment that are most suited to each system are discussed.

5 November 2018

This factsheet provides guidance on the assessment of water quality for pigs