23 June 2022

New figures show the amount of antibiotic used to treat pigs on UK farms in 2021 fell by 17%, bringing the total reduction since 2015 to 69%.

22 June 2022

The number of piglets born alive per litter is increasing rapidly and may exceed the number of functional teats of the sow. This presents the challenge of how to rear the excess piglets.

16 June 2022

Heat stress impacts on growth rates, farrowing rates, and litter sizes. Is your stockman prepared to avoid it?

8 June 2022

Tony Bayles is a Knowledge Exchange Relationship Manager at AHDB and the key contact for small-scale pig keepers.

30 May 2022

The host is Jen Waters, and the guest speakers are Georgina McDowell, Red Tractor, and Nicola Gumery, Bureau Service Manager, AHDB, who discussed and answered questions on the new training and registration process.

18 April 2022

Read about some of the ways we're helping farmers to keep improving pig health and welfare

26 May 2022

Find out about the moving and handling training and what it means for you, as well as how you can keep track of your training via PigPro – your online training record.

15 March 2022

Kerri is now halfway through her time with AHDB, find out what she's been getting up to over the last few weeks

23 March 2022

Good animal health and welfare are vital for each and every animal on our farms and, as a vet, improving animal health and welfare is my passion.

17 March 2022

In March and April, we anticipate that Pig Health Scheme assessments will resume in all 11 plants.

7 March 2022

The pig welfare training is hosted on an online training platform, which has been designed for individual users to log in and complete. If you would like to run group training with your team, we recommend using the guidance in this document.

3 March 2022

The ongoing development of African swine fever (ASF) in continental Europe is a growing concern.