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19 July 2023

AHDB is partnering with ITN Business to showcase the positive impact livestock has on the environment and our food system

17 January 2023

Join us for a conference looking at sustainable livestock production, with specialists from across the red meat supply chain

30 October 2023

Find out if the Sustainable Farming Incentive is for you.

25 November 2021

Find out what anaerobic digestion is and how it can help the agricultural sector move towards becoming net zero.

15 November 2021

Find out what green fuels are and how you can generate them on your farm.

15 September 2021

Join us for this on-farm event hosted by Dyson Farming, looking at the output of an AHDB-funded research project, which investigates the benefits of running sustainable beef systems on arable units.

3 August 2021

Love Lamb Week (LLW) is celebrating its seventh year with a focus on the sustainability of lamb production in the UK.

5 July 2021

This project will investigate the feasibility of beef cattle and sheep farmer recording and reporting of endemic diseases in order to establish an approach to have national benchmarking of important endemic diseases in these two species

16 March 2021

The window is now open for farmers to express interest in taking part in the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot.

7 May 2021

This week, our senior strategic insight manager Sarah Baker takes a look at Defra’s recent announcement of a pilot scheme for its Sustainable Farming Incentive, one of three new schemes to encourage environmental land management as we transition from direct payments.

7 December 2021

Following on from 2019’s research into Trust and Transparency in the British food system, we look at how consumer attitudes have evolved over 2020 in the wake of coronavirus. We explore how important the environment is to consumers in the UK, and look at farming’s relative position on environmental issues.

12 November 2020

A discussion of the trials and demonstrations at on each of AHDB's Strategic Farms