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5 June 2024

Raw milk availability for processing has declined marginally since 2015. We discuss trends in utilising milk during this time and how the market is developing.

23 May 2024

Q1 dairy trade review: exports mostly flat and imports on the uptick

30 January 2024

UK/Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations suspended

14 March 2024

Dairy demand grew in January, and whilst meat volumes fell compared to a year ago, both meat and dairy outperformed their animal-product counterparts.

19 February 2024

GDT Price Index: takes a step down at the latest event

19 February 2024

Despite marginal growth in milk deliveries weakening consumer demand led to lower production of dairy products

1 June 2023

World Milk Day celebrates all things dairy.

20 February 2024

The latest EU short term outlook has been released and is anticipating a 0.5% decrease in milk collections for 2022.

5 April 2023

The European Commission has released its latest short-term dairy outlook, forecasting a drop of 0.2% in milk production for 2023.

20 February 2024

The latest UK trade data shows cheese exports in Q2 2022 were up on the year, the only dairy category to have seen an increase.

30 January 2024

If a worst case Brexit scenario completely disrupts trade, could the UK supply its own cheese market?

17 November 2020

Red meat and dairy products from the UK will take centre stage in China this month at one of Asia’s leading food and drink trade shows.