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21 June 2021

Read about grower site two's secondary outbreak of ToBRFV

3 November 2020

Find out how coronavirus has presented opportunities to help us understand how we could better prepare for disease outbreaks future

19 January 2021

A set of practical measures you can take to prevent and limit the spread of infectious diseases on your farm. On this page, we've compiled a range of advice and resources, from general best practice to farm-specific information to help you protect your farming business.

7 August 2020

Read about standard recommended hygiene practices that should be integrated into your horticultural business.

27 November 2020

Find out how data about diseases in pigs is collected and analysed.

23 July 2020

How to reduce the spread of disease to keep your pig unit healthy and cost-efficient

13 February 2020

When choosing ewe lambs to put to the tup, consider weight, age and management of bought-in sheep.

20 February 2020

Help raise awareness of the importance of clean vehicles - spread the word, not the disease

29 July 2020

Essential guidance to keep vehicles from bringing disease on to pig farms

29 July 2020

Reduce the risk of disease entering your pig unit by making sure all visitors follow this biosecurity policy

16 August 2019

Haulier questionnaire: We would like to get a feel for the standard of lorry washing facilities at markets and abattoirs across England.

4 April 2019

Buying in livestock is risky and is the most likely way of introducing a new disease onto your farm. The cost of a disease outbreak can be huge with long lasting effects. There are many potential diseases of concern as this checklist shows.