Disease surveillance for pig farmers

Find out how the collection of data about diseases in pigs is collected and analysed for the benefit of the pig meat industry across the world. 

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What is disease surveillance?

Disease surveillance is the systematic ongoing collection, collation and analysis of data and the timely dissemination of information to those who need to know so that action can be taken (World Health Organisation).

2020 Pig Health and Welfare Vision

The 2020 Pig Health and Welfare Vision identified that a robust surveillance mechanism is required, along with accurate and prompt diagnostic resources, for exotic disease.

Since the publication of the vision in 2011, the industry has indeed developed surveillance mechanisms and is continuing to develop better systems.

Current surveillance mechanisms include:

  • GB disease surveillance and emerging threats report quarterly reports produced by the Animal and Plant Health Agency
  • Routine weekly testing of non-suspect cases of diarrhoea in pigs for PEDv by APHA (funded by AHDB) – speak to your vet to find out more
  • Pig Health Scheme for regular reporting direct to producers on endemic disease on their farm
  • The Significant Diseases Charter to alert producers in the event of an outbreak of PEDv or swine dysentery.

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