18 August 2020

Join AHDB for a webinar looking at how the use of technology can aid disease detection and support efficient management of young calves.

4 August 2020

This webinar will look at optiising mature weight for livestock for farm efficiency

10 July 2020

Owen Atkinson from Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd & Dave Gilbert from Dairy Insight share the non-negotiables when it comes to fertility.

10 July 2020

Strategic Dairy Farm: Mastitis expert Dr James Breen joins Hillhead of Covington's Willie Baillie for a review of their last nine months activities

7 July 2020

Guest speaker Lysan Eppink joins us from Boehringer-Ingelheim, to present a guide to safe use and efficient storage of vaccines and medicines on farm.

6 July 2020

There are quite a few different treatments and protocols for treating lame sheep. If you haven’t already, talk to your vet about creating a plan of action to devise the most appropriate treatments tailored for your flock’s disease problems and circumstances

6 July 2020

Antibiotic use on dairy farms

6 July 2020

Common diseases affecting dairy cows - clinical signs, transmission and treatment

6 July 2020

Ulcerative mammary dermatitis

28 July 2020

Join George Wade for the launch of our new autumn block calving strategic dairy farm in Leicestershire

1 July 2020

Details for the genetic base change which was recalculated for all breeds in April 2020

14 July 2020

Join AHDB as we discuss the topic of farrowing for small scale producers, and provide an update from the BPA on African Swine Fever.