20 June 2024

Answers to frequently asked questions to ensure farmers and vets have factual, up-to-date information on the current bluetongue during vector high risk periods

29 May 2024

Medicines are used to treat disease in people and in animals. It is important to use medicines appropriately when animals are sick to protect their welfare and restore them to health. The aim is to use as little as possible, but it is also important to use as much as is necessary to prevent unnecessary suffering and maintain animal welfare

29 May 2024

The UK Pig Industry Welfare Training Platform has been updated to include best practice for moving and handling pigs outdoors and in straw pens.

12 June 2024

During this meeting, we will discuss a disease control framework for England.

26 June 2024

Stop at our stand to chat to staff and take part in technical debates.

16 May 2024

The UK Government’s Food and Data Transparency Partnership has recently released its first policy paper, setting out a roadmap of priorities for the next 12 months.

20 May 2024

Learn about the FarrOPEN flexible farrowing system

15 May 2024

Learn about the experiences of farmers who have trialled different flexible farrowing systems

3 June 2024

How best to support performance, mitigate impacts from disease and weather events, and enhance resilience in your production system

18 July 2024

Practical seminars covering the latest developments in cattle breeding, nutrition and health.

3 June 2024

What does an ASF contingency plan look like and how can you play your part in protecting the national herd?

14 May 2024

Our monitor farmer, David Cross, will host the North Norfolk Coastal Group event aimed at people who have or are looking to introduce livestock onto their land.