23 August 2019

Our next round of pig clubs for small-scale producers will be taking place in October, and we'd love to see lots of pig keepers at each event.

20 August 2019

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9 October 2019

Optimising calf health and disease prevention

23 August 2019

Our bull selection manual explains what to look for when selecting a bull for breeding, including how to use genetics and EBVs, and judging if a bull is fit to work

16 September 2019

AHDB Strategic Beef farmer Mark Jelley from Perkins Lodge Farm

16 August 2019

Haulier questionnaire: We would like to get a feel for the standard of lorry washing facilities at markets and abattoirs across England.

16 August 2019

Rupert Major shares how he switched from a leader-follower system on the milking platform, to a separate heifer grazing platform.

19 September 2019

Characteristics of breeds

4 September 2019

Understanding characteristics of breeds

16 September 2019

Optimising performance through nutrition

5 September 2019


10 October 2019

A meeting for small-scale pig keepers to find out about disease surveillance and the symptoms of different diseases