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25 March 2022

GB milk production is projected to total 12.25bn litres for the 2022/23 season, 0.8% below where we expect 2021/22 to finish.

17 February 2022

The rise in block and AYR calving systems has shifted the national milk production profile

24 January 2022

High winter rainfall encourages the development and spread of light leaf spot in infected oilseed rape.

5 November 2021

These static light leaf spot forecast maps provide an indication of historic disease risk in Great Britain.

21 September 2021

GB milk production is now expected to reach 12.52bn litres for the 2021/22 milk year, down 0.2% on 2020/21.

21 September 2021

Using our milk forecasting tools, we can predict how many cows will leave the dairy industry over the coming year

11 January 2022

Our latest outlook for the UK beef market is now online. Find out our forecasts for slaughter, production, consumption and trade for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

30 July 2021

We have just published our latest outlook for the UK sheep meat market, where we explore our forecasts for slaughter, consumption and trade for 2021.

27 July 2021

What impact are semen sales expected to have on the number of calves being born in the dairy herd over the coming months?

26 July 2021

GB milk production is expected to grow 0.3% to 12.58bn litres in 2021/22, according to our June forecast update.

13 July 2021

The rise in milk production in GB over recent years has been driven by increased volumes out of Wales and Scotland

26 July 2021

With more milk forecast over the coming years, what does the future of milk utlisation look like in the UK?