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12 April 2021

BlightSpy is an upgrade on our longstanding Blight Watch website, allowing potato growers and agronomists to monitor weather forecasts for the predicted occurrence of Hutton Criteria.

12 April 2021

GB milk production is currently heading for the highest level in a decade

7 April 2021

Butterfat and protein content in the new season are both expected to be similar to 2020/21, based on our latest projections.

31 March 2021

GB milk production could reach nearly 12.75bn litres by the 2023/24 season, our estimates suggest.

25 March 2021

GB milk production is expected to reach 12.59bn litres for the 2021/22 season, up 0.4% (50m litres) on where we expect 2020/21 to end.

25 March 2021

How might feed, fertiliser and fuel costs move over the coming months?

17 March 2021

Historically as the Milk to Feed Price Ratio has falled, milk production has also contracted. What do we expect later this year?

4 March 2021

Some crops are already showing symptoms in the field.

29 January 2021

We have just published our latest outlook for the UK dairy market.

13 January 2021

As milk production rises, we take a look at when the curtailment of foodservice might start to stretch processing capability once again

18 November 2020

The USDA forecasts that global beef production in 2021 could rise by 2% to 61.5 million tonnes.

29 October 2020

Over the last 5 years, we’ve seen a rapid rise in the sales of sexed semen. What impact has that had on calf types, and how might things progress from here?