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14 September 2021

Johnny Haimes from West Sherford Farm, Brixton, joined AHDB’s Farm Excellence project as a Beef and Lamb Strategic Farmer in 2017

11 October 2021

Ian Nobury runs a herd of 106 Aberdeen Angus suckler cows on his 100ha, predominantly grassland farm in Cheshire.

14 September 2021

Bertie Newman from Manor Farm, Cattistock joined AHDB’s Farm Excellence project as a Beef and Lamb Strategic Farmer in 2017

4 March 2021

Hampshire Farmer David Miller and AHDB’s Harry Henderson unearth the secrets of regenerative agriculture (podcast and article).

3 November 2020

The webinar discussed how Neil is working towards making data driven decisions and looking at the practicalities of collecting on-farm commercial data including: - Losses at lambing - Lameness incidence in sheep - Weights - Faecal egg counts

3 November 2020

The webinar included a range of topics including: Moving to a Highlander flock Establishment and grazing of reseeds and herbal leys Iodine deficiency Building resilience into the system The role of cattle at Rawfoot

3 November 2020

The webinar covered: Setting up fencing and water troughs for rotational grazing Tracking growth rates and ewe body condition How to measure grass and forage Acting on soil test results Planning for the autumn and winter

3 November 2020

On this webinar Chris and his consultant, Dr Liz Genever discussed: Boosting lamb growth rates on forage based diets Managing ewe lambs to reach target tupping weights Establishing and managing herbal leys

12 June 2020

Join Dr James Breen and Willie Baillie as they review the last nine months of activities undertaken to reduce Mastitis on the farm

29 May 2020

The weather is certainly throwing some challenges our way this year and the biggest impact is the reduced grass growth.

15 January 2020

Rawfoot and Challenge Sheep project updates and controlling liver fluke