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11 July 2024

Duncan Nelless, alongside his brother Angus Duncan, farms Thistleyhaugh Farm in Northumberland. This family-run operation spans 2,000 acres of diverse landscape, from riverside sand and gravel to heavy clay loams and peat soils.

10 July 2024

Will Langton, a fourth-generation dairy farmer, manages Crowfields Farm in Derbyshire alongside his mother. The farm spans 150 acres, with some fields bordering Nottinghamshire.

20 June 2024

Our Curious about Clover events held in April 2024 showcased this potential, with one event taking place in Cumbria. Hosted at Borderway, the event featured enlightening sessions, expert speakers, and insightful research.

15 May 2024

The topic of feed efficiency and boosting milk production through forage incorporates a diverse range of solutions, each impacting herds differently. For North Devon farmer David Luxton, soil sampling, incorporating red clover silage leys reducing artificial nitrogen and making better use of his organic manures have helped improve the quality of his multi-cut silage.

2 May 2024

This article supplied by SAC Consulting Ruminant Nutritionist, Lorna Shaw, discusses the effects of soil contamination and provides tips on preventing soil contamination in the 2024 silage season.

2 May 2024

This article supplied by SAC Consulting Ruminant Nutritionist, Lorna Shaw, looks at how to calculate silage demand before fields are shut for silage.

24 April 2024

Our soil expert, Joanna McBurnie, recently answered farmers’ questions about waterlogged soil.

18 April 2024

What does the wet weather mean for your nitrogen applications and forage production this spring? We catch up with one Arla farmer and get some top tips from industry experts.

2 April 2024

Fifty livestock farmers heard how Claire and Sam Beaumont benefit from bale grazing their out-wintered cattle at a meeting at Gowbarrow Hall Farm on the northern shore of Ullswater last Thursday (14 March).

21 March 2024

Bisterne Farm in Hampshire recently won the prestigious 2023 NMR/RABDF Gold Cup. This is a significant milestone for this dairy farm. To learn the secrets of their success and unique approach to dairy farming, I had the pleasure of chatting with George Brown whose journey with Bisterne Estate began as a joint venture in December 2019.

14 November 2023

As we draw Forage for Knowledge to a close on another grazing season, it's time for us to reflect on the year's successes and challenges.

3 November 2023

Our latest podcast is dedicated to the establishment and management of clover.