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5 November 2021

As we look back over the 2021 grazing season, the total average grass production was below the 2020 average.

29 October 2021

Scottish dairy farms can grow quality grass – and lots of it – as Robin Young has discovered while taking part in Forage for Knowledge. Measuring and testing grazed grass every week for the past seven years has shown Robin that Waterside Farm in Stirlingshire not only produces 12 ME grass, but also 12 t DM/ha from its grazing paddocks.

22 October 2021

Chris Coxon from Tiller Farm Consultancy shares his advice and expertise on managing grazing for dairy heifers.

8 October 2021

As we move into October and grass quality diminishes, forward grazing calves in front of the cows from now until weaning/housing will give the calves a chance to choose the remaining better quality grass.

24 September 2021

Liming in September is standard practice to ensure good germination of an autumn reseed. But grazing managers need to remember that calcium* is needed on the platform throughout the growing season.

27 September 2021

A recent survey conducted by AHDB reveals that farmers are planning for their winter forage supplies earlier than last year. Sixty-six per cent of farmers who responded to the survey had good forage stocks, and only 31% were short of grass silage. Fewer farmers have forward bought straw compared to last year, although they have concerns for future straw availability, price and managing cash flows.

17 September 2021

Charlie Russell is Estate Factor and Farms Manager for Glenapp – a rural business near Stranraer where one of the challenges is usually to cope with over 1,500 mm annual rainfall, and this year turned into coping with a six-week drought.

9 September 2021

Poor residuals on some grazing platforms this month could be the hangover from spring’s cold spell, quickly followed by sudden warmth and phenomenal grass growth.

27 September 2021

Better production and utilisation of grass and forage provides an opportunity to reduce costs and optimise profits on any livestock farm, and the key to success is to learn from other farmers’ experiences and expertise.

27 August 2021

As spring block herds come to their year end, it’s time to think about planning finances for next year.

13 August 2021

Last autumn, Angus Mackay introduced 40 ha of a lucerne, chicory and red clover ley to the farm to improve the resilience of the soils and improve profitability.

13 August 2021

Big weather events from extreme wet to late frosts and early drought have been affecting this year’s grass growth and nutrient uptake.