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13 May 2022

South African Apie Pieterse manages a split-block herd in Nottinghamshire where he has not only learned rotational grazing from scratch, but also honed his skills on heavy land in a dry area.

17 May 2022

An article looking at when is the best time to sow

17 May 2022

An article that looks at how to choose your silage inoculant carefully

29 April 2022

Self-feeding silage saves labour, power and machinery costs while delivering a simple, sustainable way to get forage into cows by just moving an electric wire once a day.

29 April 2022

Plan ahead this spring and think about silage requirements for next winter.

14 April 2022

Blanket spreading on the grazing platform risks cows eating very high levels of nitrates, warns grazing consultant Andre van Barneveld. Follow cows with the fertiliser spreader to avoid luxury uptake of nitrogen in the grass plant being grazed.

14 April 2022

With the rising cost of farm inputs, some farmers are considering longer-term changes to their farm systems. Others are looking into short-term solutions. Here are our top five tips to make the most of farm inputs

1 April 2022

If you are worried that you can’t afford to make multi-cut silage this year due to escalating prices, do a partial budget to calculate the cost of not doing it.

25 March 2022

Buy fertiliser if you can get it – but it’s just as important to test slurry this year and know exactly how much nitrogen you have.

18 March 2022

Even if you’ve had a good start to spring, make sure you still have an alternative grazing plan for a change in weather.

5 November 2021

As we look back over the 2021 grazing season, the total average grass production was below the 2020 average.

29 October 2021

Scottish dairy farms can grow quality grass – and lots of it – as Robin Young has discovered while taking part in Forage for Knowledge. Measuring and testing grazed grass every week for the past seven years has shown Robin that Waterside Farm in Stirlingshire not only produces 12 ME grass, but also 12 t DM/ha from its grazing paddocks.