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13 August 2021

Big weather events from extreme wet to late frosts and early drought have been affecting this year’s grass growth and nutrient uptake.

12 August 2021

This article looks at how you manage your grassland

12 August 2021

This article is about managing herbal leys

4 August 2021

This planner will you you manage you grassland over the autumn period.

30 July 2021

Nicola and Paul Renison farm 350 acres in Cumbria, rotationally grazing cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens with all land in Higher-level stewardship. Nicola reflects on their first hedge planting experience and why they have never looked back since.

30 July 2021

Measuring and testing grazed grass on farm in Leicestershire has not only helped Tony Evans to grow 12 t DM/ha to feed 300 cows, but also benefitted his day job as a business consultant.

15 July 2021

As more farms transition to rotational grazing systems, providing shade for livestock during hot weather can be tricky due to a lack of trees or hedges.

9 July 2021

Self-feeding silage saves labour, power and machinery costs while delivering a simple, sustainable way to get forage into cows by just moving an electric wire once a day. First developed in the 1950s, self-feed had a 1970s revival and today is increasingly being seen as the cost-effective winter feeding method for autumn block-calving herds.

9 September 2021

Learning to manage grass more effectively requires a whole new skill set, according to Cheshire dairy farmer David Wrench.

11 January 2022

GB average daily grass growth rates appeared to make a comeback through May and into June, according to data from AHDB’s Forage for Knowledge programme.

18 June 2021

David Lee joined Forage for Knowledge contributors from the start, having been one of the early convertors to rotational paddock grazing 25 years ago.

11 June 2021

Pat Kimpton and his wife Jess are just coming to the end of their five-year contract-farming agreement in Stirlingshire, having previously spent three years managing grass in the Waikato, New Zealand.