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9 November 2023

The annual indication of pest pressure is based on the number of wheat bulb fly eggs in soil samples.

30 November 2023

Find out how to set up yellow sticky and pitfall traps to monitor pests and natural enemies in field crops.

9 November 2022

This article by the Weed Resistance Action Group (WRAG) explores the stewardship of glyphosate

18 October 2022

Maximum levels for ergot alkaloids in cereals: implications for the UK supply chain

7 October 2022

Discover how sowing date influences the risk of economic damage from this pest

3 October 2022

Herbicide resistance management should be front of mind this autumn.

21 June 2022

Researchers tackle one of the biggest questions in farming – what does a ‘sustainable’ system look like?

8 June 2022

Researchers have trained a tool to recognise a beetle pest of crops, even at night.

7 June 2022

Combining biopesticides in a single spray could help growers target multiple pests more effectively.

12 May 2022

With the winter wheat T2 timing near, plan now to protect modes of action from resistance.

16 March 2022

Our tool provides a strong indication of infection risk and can help focus disease monitoring.

11 March 2022

Key points from a recent UKCPVS presentation on the topic.