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29 October 2020

Reducing reliance on conventional pesticides and minimising environmental impact has always been a core part of our research programme

8 October 2020

A low-risk year, with some high-risk sites

28 September 2020

Find out the latest in crop monitoring from our IPM in Horticulture series

23 October 2020

This webinar is an event for academics looking to learn more about AHDB

23 September 2020

Assess pest pressure to determine the best management response

25 September 2020

Our autumn survey frequently detects large variations in wheat bulb fly egg numbers, both across and between regions

10 September 2020

Getting the best from sticky traps

7 October 2020

Biological maintenance: Introducing beneficials

10 September 2020

Top 5 Tips Before You Start Your Biological Control Programme

3 September 2020

Learn about the main aphid that spreads TuYV and how to manage its levels in crops

9 September 2020

Learn about the main aphids that spread BYDV and how to manage their levels in crops

2 September 2020

Learn about the life cycle of this important virus-spreading aphid