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Contents tagged with management

6 January 2020

Staff management, benchmarking and a market update

20 August 2019

Our course seeks to address a lack of leadership skills in farming and plug a productivity gap between the UK and other nations.

6 September 2019

For many years there has been a gradual move away from peat-based growing media as the benefits of adding other raw materials to peat to adjust and improve the blend have been recognised by the industry.

29 January 2019

This workshop aims to provide delegates with an introduction into the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective Supervisor.

21 December 2018

Farmers at a recent AHDB Hereford Monitor Farm meeting were warned that the costs of replacing a staff member could be as much as double their salary.

19 December 2018

Three areas to improve labour management for increased productivity

7 November 2018

Potato Storage Rots - Workshop 3: Simon Alexander (SA Consulting) on optimal store management techniques to control potato rots in store and ultimately maximise longevity of potato stocks.

7 November 2018

This project demonstrates that the real-time assay had potential to enable the early prediction of skin spot levels during storage. The work presented in this report confirms that there was a good relationship between levels of P. pustulans DNA in peel at harvest and skin spot development in tubers following a 20-week storage duration

7 November 2018

A number of methods of seed tuber treatment have been investigated with the aim of improving the coverage and hence the efficacy of fungicide treatment.

23 May 2019

AHDB has revealed eight key factors that are the hallmarks of high performing farm businesses in a new report

13 August 2018

The lower critical temperature for neonatal piglets is approximately 34ºC. On an outdoor unit it's more difficult to achieve precise temperature control. The provision of substrates such as straw, to build a nest and provide insulation and warmth are therefore important considerations

13 August 2018

Good management/selection of gilts is key to maintaining a productive herd. 20–25% of production should be from gilts. A 45%+ replacement rate means nearly half the herd will be replaced in the year. Performance from and management of this parity therefore has a large impact on overall productivity