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4 June 2021

As the temperature begins to rise at last, remember that cows like to drink together, so water supplies should be sized to fit peak demand on a hot day.

29 October 2020

It’s time for your annual grazing review – but don’t just focus on the number-crunching and how much grass you grew this year or identifying the worst paddocks to earmark them for a spring reseed.

29 October 2020

To minimise wastage this winter, go back to basics and assess housing, as well as looking at alternatives.

16 October 2020

Independent grazing and forage consultant, Marc Jones, shares his top tips for transitioning cattle onto fodder beet.

16 October 2020

Paddocks may be waterlogged, but winter is the time to plan drinking water requirements on the grazing platform ready for spring turnout.

18 September 2020

George Brown started a joint venture on a Hampshire estate last December and is getting to grips with grass growing – or the lack of it!

11 September 2020

August’s extreme weather has left some farms nicely building Average Farm Cover (AFC) for their last round, while others are struggling to grow grass. But whatever your situation, try and have as many grazing days as possible this autumn to save on winter housing and feed costs, says LIC consultant, Bess Jowsey.

29 September 2022

Many parts of the country are seeing improved growing conditions following a wet end to a warm summer.

3 November 2023

As we creep towards the end of August, those still considering an autumn reseed are advised to assess conditions and closely monitor each paddock’s performance, to identify those that will benefit most.

6 November 2020

If you are short on silage or worried about straw supplies for winter, now is the time to work out whether outwintering in-calf heifers could save you some money.

7 August 2020

Livestock farmers are encouraged to forward buy or secure their straw requirement, or look at alternative bedding options for this coming winter, sooner rather than later.

11 September 2020

Grazed grass and home-grown forage can be the cheapest form of feed when it is well-managed, and it has the potential to reduce the costs of bought-in feed significantly.