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6 August 2021

Use the clover content assessment stick to help you estimate the clover content in your pastures and assess nitrogen (N) supply.

14 July 2021

From seedbed preparation to post-establishment management, follow these tips for the successful establishment of herbal leys.

14 July 2021

See our information on choosing species for herbal leys and how to manage for grazing and silage.

14 July 2021

See our information on the benefits of herbal leys for livestock and the environment. You will find tips on managing bloat and the anthelmintic properties of herbal leys.

14 July 2021

Read about the benefits of herbal leys, how to establish, and how to manage for grazing or silage.

4 September 2020

The pea aphid is a major pest in vining and fresh market peas and attacks by this pest can result in loss of yield by flower spoilage causing the failure of pods to fill, and by virus infection. Serious yield losses up to 45% have been reported in vining peas for freezing.. 

5 May 2021

Summary of the SCEPTREplus trials on legumes

19 September 2018

This directory considers the options for growing forages on sheep and beef farms to help reduce reliance on purchased feeds. It can be used alongside the BRP Mini Feeds Directory which contains information about home-grown feeds such as grains and roots, as well as purchased feed options like co-products

11 August 2021

A cover crop is a non-cash crop grown primarily for the purpose of ‘protecting or improving’ between periods of regular crop production. This publication details the opportunities for cover crops in conventional arable rotations. Scroll down for further resources.