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1 March 2023

Ahead of the upcoming ban on zinc supplementation in pigs, we have completed research in conjunction with SAC Commercial Ltd. and the Pig Veterinary Society to review the options available to farmers.

10 March 2022

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) recently announced that any zinc oxide veterinary products that are Qualified-Person-released by 26 June 2022 can continue to be used until the end of their shelf life (approximately two years).

18 February 2022

Hear from well-known feed companies and nutritionists as they discuss options for effectively managing weaned piglets without zinc oxide.

4 February 2022

South Yorkshire pig club: learn about your options for managing weaned pigs without zinc oxide.

18 February 2022

Join this online event to hear about the options for managing without zinc oxide.

11 May 2021

Find out how you can use additives to offset the removal of zinc oxide from pig diets.

11 May 2021

Find out how the acidification and fermentation of pig diets can improve the performance and gut health of your pigs.

11 May 2021

Find out how inert fibres can be used to improve the gut health of pigs

22 April 2024

Find out how to maintain productivity and manage your pigs’ diets without zinc oxide